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Michelin Tyre Pressure Management System (LMX2170)

Michelin Tyre Pressure Management System
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The MICHELIN Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS) is undoubtedly the most user friendly, intuitive Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on the market.

The MICHELIN Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS) comprises of a stylish sized receiver, four small tyre sensors, four anti-theft locking nuts, one spanner and a pressure checker.

The receiver has been cleverly designed to fit at the top of the windscreen, with an Eco friendly solar panel for power. Installation is incredibly simple, just press and hold down the small button on the back, wait for the icons to light up, remove the adhesive backing, and adhere the receiver to the inside of the windscreen.

The Tyre Pressure Sensors are fitted by simply removing the valve dust caps, inflating the tyres to the correct pressure then screwing on the ant-theft nut followed by the sensor, 'locking the sensor in place with the spanner provided' ...... and that's it !

The MICHELIN Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS) pack comes with the revolutionary contactless Tyre Pressure Checker, which allows operators/drivers to check the vehicle/trailer tyre pressures in seconds by simply holding the checker next to the sensor, which transmits the pressure in seconds and without the time consuming connecting of a gauge to the tyre valve, which actually removes air and is un-hygienic

NO batteries, NO cables, NO instruction manual, NO irritating set up, NO wasted time, BUT all the tyre pressure safety and fuel saving that you need to travel in safety and with complete peace of mind (No batteries applies to sensors and monitor, pressure checker requires 3 X AAA batteries (not supplied)).

In the case of a tyre problem detected by a tyre sensor, the relevant icon on the receiver will flash on and off combined with a bleeping alarm to alert the driver of any tyre pressure problems.

Simply stop the car at the nearest convenience, check for the flashing light on the tyre pressure sensor, remove the sensor, and re-inflate the relevant tyre at the next convenient opportunity, before re-attaching the sensor, the receiver will then revert back to reporting mode.
The Michelin Tyre Pressure Management System brings so many benefits and savings, with so little cost and stress !

MICHELIN Tyre Pressure Management System ADVANTAGES
NO complicated paring of sensors.
NO confusing programming of pressures into receiver.
NO cables or cigarette chargers as it works by solar panel.
NO re-programming when adding new sensors (caravan / trailer).


  • Solar Powered Receiver
  • 4 Tyre Pressure Sensors
  • 4x (anti-theft) locking nuts
  • Easy Fit Spanner
  • Pressure Checker
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